2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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GPA Calculation

GPA is computed by multiplying the credit points per hour (for example, B = 3) by the number of semester hours for each course. Total the hours, total the credit points and divide the total points by the total hours. Grades of P, NC, ***, W, IP, and I are not included in the GPA. I grades that are not completed within one year are calculated as F in the GPA.

If a course is repeated, all grades earned are used in determining the GPA. Grades received at another institution are not included in the University of Colorado GPA.

Undergraduate, graduate and non-degree graduate GPAs are calculated separately. Enrollment in a second undergraduate or graduate program will not generate a second undergraduate or graduate GPA.

Students should refer to their academic dean’s office for individual GPA calculations as they relate to academic progress and graduation from their college or school.

Sample GPA Calculation

Grade Earned: Credit Points per Hour: x Credit Hours: = Credit Points in Course
A 4.000 4.000 16.000
A- 3.700 4.000 14.800
B+ 3.300 4.000 13.200
P - 3.000 (excluded)
F 0 3.000 0

Total of 15 credit hours with 44 credit points, so 44/15 = 2.930 GPA