2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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Accountable Student Information

School of Medicine & School of Dental Medicine Nonresidents and Accountable Students

Tuition and fees for non-resident students enrolled in the University of Colorado School of Medicine M.D. program and School of Dental Medicine D.D.S. program are governed by special Colorado legislation.

Accountable students at the Anschutz Medical Campus are persons who, as of the date of their selection for admission into an Anschutz Medical Campus professional health care program (currently students in the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine), will not be receiving funding from the State of Colorado  or a cooperative state for any portion of the costs incurred in participating in designated Anschutz Medical Campus professional health care programs.  Prior to matriculation, accountable students must agree to the terms of an accountable student contract (including payment of in-state tuition plus associated accountable student fee) for the duration of their professional degree training.

The "Accountable Student Program for Students in Health Sciences Professions" was enacted in 2006 by the State legislature. This legislation, Colorado State Statute C.R.S. 23-20-138 is available for reference here. The Health Sciences Center implemented this program for the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine effective with the 2006-07 academic year. This legislation essentially uncoupled residency status from tuition classification for students classified as accountable students, who each year pay in-state tuition plus an associated accountable student fee.

Accountable students, once designated and having signed the accountable student contract, are bound by the terms of their contract for all years of their studies, including their agreement to pay the accountable student fee regardless of residency status. They may, however, petition for Colorado residency status in order to qualify for other forms of financial assistance available to eligible students who are Colorado residents.  Establishing residency status also will allow accountable students the benefit of in-state tuition rates in other degree programs should they choose to enroll in a second degree program (e.g. Master of Science in Public Health, or Master of Business Administration).  Petitioning for in-state residency status normally is undertaken after a student has been in Colorado for a year and before his/her second year of studies.  Petitions are available from and processed by the Registrar's Office. 

Additional information regarding Accountable student responsibilities is available through the Office of the Registrar's website.