2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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Tuition and Fees

When a student begins researching higher education institutions, tuition is often the first stop. Undergraduate tuition costs are different for in-state students – students who have Colorado residency – and out-of-state students – those attending CU Denver from outside of Colorado. Tuition and fees are based largely on the classes you take, and which school or college is offering your classes, as well as your resident status. It is important that you understand your residency status because it impacts more than just tuition rates.

Tuition is the amount a student pays for instruction per course at a college or university. Tuition costs are often listed along with additional fees that all students must pay. These fees cover anything from the student wellness center and other facility maintenance costs to technology upgrades and transportation expenses.

All tuition and fee rates are established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, in accordance with legislation enacted annually by the Colorado General Assembly. The Regents set tuition rates and fees at a budget retreat each spring for the coming fall, spring and summer terms, but reserve the right to change rates at any time. Rates for the current year are available online to assist prospective students in anticipating costs. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees site in July for new rates.