2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Certificate Students

The application for students wishing to matriculate into a Graduate Certificate Program is completed online at https://ucdenver.edu/graduate-programs/admissions.

In addition to the online application, official transcripts from Colleges, Schools, and Universities in which the student received a degree are required. Individual Certificate Programs evaluate and select the students they want to admit. A letter of offer from the Certificate Program to the applicant must include a statement indicating that admission to the University is pending final approval of the Graduate Program. The Graduate Program confirms the applicant’s credentials, including authenticating transcripts, and also determines whether the student meets the general requirements of the Graduate Program and the specific requirements of the selected Certificate Program. Students admitted to a Certificate Program must meet the same admission criteria as outlined above for degree-seeking students.

Students who are already enrolled in a Graduate Degree Program in which a Certificate is also offered may be admitted into the Certificate Program upon approval of the Program Director.