2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Grade Forgiveness

Degree-seeking undergraduate CU Denver students pursuing their first degree at CU Denver may request to forgive a grade from a prior instance of taking a 1000-level or 2000-level CU Denver class if they received a D+, D, D-, or F in the prior attempt. Course retaken must be an exact match for the previous attempt. Ineligible courses include special topics, repeatable courses, course grades received from academic dishonesty, mismatched credit hours, and equivalent cross-listed courses. Courses repeated for grade forgiveness must be taken for a letter grade (not audit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, no credit). Limited to one attempt per course, up to a maximum of 18 credit hours.

Grade forgiveness deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar. The highest grade becomes the final grade that calculates in the GPA.

If a student drops the class for which grade forgiveness was requested, the grade forgiveness request will automatically be cancelled on the student’s behalf. If the student later re-enrolls in the same or different section of the same course, they will need to re-submit the grade forgiveness request form.


Students may repeat courses throughout their academic career without invoking grade forgiveness. When courses are repeated without invoking grade forgiveness, all attempts are included in student credit and GPA totals calculations, and some programs limit the number of course repeats.

Students who have opted into the Fresh Start program are not eligible for Grade Forgiveness.

To review the policy in full, please click here and search policy number 7037.