2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Climate and Human Health (PhD)

The PhD in Climate and Human Health is designed to develop research and educational leaders who have transdisciplinary skills in data analytics, policy and regulation, implementation science, health equity, and community and workforce-based research with an emphasis on vulnerable populations and communities. “Climate” is interpreted broadly and can include heat and temperature, extreme weather events, wildfires, air quality, water systems, emerging hazardous exposures from “green” industries, and alterations to ecosystems with direct impacts on vector-borne and other infectious diseases.

“Health” is interpreted as both physical and mental health of all populations, especially vulnerable human populations. Graduates will have a strong knowledge base in the climate health sciences, research skills, education and mentorship skills, and leadership, communication and management training.

To learn more about the PhD in Climate and Human Health, please click here to view the information within the Colorado School of Public Health portion of the catalog.